Blockchain based network for software delivery and acceptance

About project

We are developing a decentralized application which allows a customer to place an order for a piece of software, and a programmer — to approach and perform the task. Smart contracts in this system are needed to 1) grant correct order placing — including input data, tests, parameters, code requirements, conditions for its execution, performance criteria, examples of expected results 2) professionally evaluate the order — “proficient” members of the community can evaluate orders by voting with a token. The level of the expert, its weight is directly proportionate to the token price and, consequently, the order value, 3) sell short while taking an order — the contractor can make a bet using their token with the date of delivery indicated, 4) pay the contractor — the settlement is made automatically in case all the initial requirements are fulfilled.

Our mission

The idea is to use the blockchain technology features — the ability to pay for accomplishment of a certain task automatically so long as the results can be verified using the initially provided tests. This makes the customer prepare more exact wording for their task, while the contractor can check their code according to the customer’s standards and select the way of task implementation according to their liking in case the customer has no special preferences or has not mentioned them in the order.

Step #1

The customer prepares an order

and forms budget

Step #2

The order and initial requirements are placed on the network

Step #3

An expert or a facilitator prepares a technical specification

1st smart contract is activated

Step #4

The specification is formalized, the task is decomposed

Step #5

Project Manager allocates tasks

2nd smart comtract is activated

Step #6

Decentralized team performs the tasks

All the contractors are paid automatically


Dmitri Plakhov

Founder, CTO

Albert Ibragimov

Solidity Developer

Artem Tiumencev

Backend Developer

Ilya Petrusenko

Solidity Developer

Danila Troschinsky



81 Cell, Third Ring
Saturn, Solar System

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